Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Laboratory for quality control of honey opened

17th November 2015

LABCentre for Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zadar, within the project "Bee Promoted", on 13/11/2015 opened the Laboratory for Quality Control of honey that has analytical equipment to conduct chemical and physical tests of honey and bee products in accordance with the Regulations on the Honey. According to the project coordinator, Professor Nada Vahcic, newly modern laboratory provides possibility of carrying out the sensor and melisopalinological analysis of honey which could help beekeepers in standardization and improvement of the quality of honey and its better placing on the market as more quality and safe product.

Equipping of the laboratory is the part of the project financed by the EU under the IPA CBP Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007-2013, totally valued to € 649,509.62.
Value of the grant contract for Croatian partners amounts to € 298,450.52 and is implemented by Food Technology and Biotechnology - Center Zadar, Zadar County, Development Agency of Zadar County – "ZADRA NOVA" and Beekeepers Association "Dalmatinka". The project partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the "Veterinary Institute of Una-Sana Canton, Development Agency of Una-Sana Canton and Beekeepers Association "IVA", while the value of the contract on Bosnian-Herzegovinian side amounts to € 351,059.10 EUR.