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Project Name: sustainability of drinking water
Input Date: 2013-10-07 14:07:27
Organization: consulting
Country: Other
Full Name: sustainability of drinking water
Description of partner: Regional and/or local public authoritie
• be established in respecting beneficiary Country
Priority 1:
Priority 2: Measure 2.1: Protection of nature and environment
Project Description: Environmental program of cross-border cooperation for groundwater
The aim of the project is to make on both sides of the border long-term strategy for the protection of groundwater. During the planning it would take into account the existing drinking water resources, long-term drinking water supply, potential sources of pollution and to propose ways of sustainable high-quality drinking water and ways to control sustainable for landscaping.
To develop the strategies it is necessary to make a shallow drilling, geophysical exploration, research and exploration wells hydrological modeling.
In addition to testing drinking water it would be tested also a geothermal water resources in the region and suggested ways to long-term sustainability of drinking water.
Main activities: Develop astrategy for the protection of groundwater
Estimated value (€): 300.000
Project Duration: 18 mounth
Previous experience: