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Project Name: Waste Poution Reductio Managementn
Input Date: 2013-01-21 10:40:35
Organization: TRA gencija za razvoj općine Tešanj
Country: Bosna i Hercegovina
Full Name: Muhamed Džihić
Address: Trg Alije Izetbegovića 11, 74260 Tešanj
Description of partner: Za partnere se traže općine, razvojne agencije, ekološka udruženja i komunalna preduzeća iz RH i BiH.
Priority 1:
Priority 2: Mjera 2.1: Zaštita prirode i okoliša
Project Description: Project's overall objective is contribution to the revitalization of natural resources and environmental protection in the cross border area of B&H and Croatia. Specific objective is Improved existing system of waste management in the areas of partner city in Croatia and Municipality of Tesanj.
There are very small number of citizens educated about proper waste disposal and hazards and ecological consequences of uncontrolled and inappropriate disposal/treatment of waste.
Project interventions will deal with removal of illegal dumps through establishment of eco islands and arrangement of public landfills for proper usable and in general waste (PET and paper packages) collection and disposal and its further transport to recycling centres in the region. Also pilot project of recovery of illegal dumps will be implemented according previously developed recovery plans. Another aspect of the project is its intensive media promotion and capacity building of people/citizens related to proper waste disposal and environmental consequences of uncontrolled and inappropriate waste disposal

Main activities: WP1. Project management, WP2. Develop infrastructure for adequate treatment of waste WP3 From Waste to Waste Management Centre - best practice exchange WP4 Exchange of practical experiences trough pilot projects: recovery of illegal dumps in Hr and BiH WP5 Promotion and awareness raising campaign
Estimated value (€): 440000
Project Duration: 24 month
Previous experience: Iskustvo na projektima finansiranih od međunarodnih organizacije. Nemamo iskustvo sa projektima prekogranične saradnje.