Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sustainable tourist development - From Herzegovina trails to Dubrovnik Elafiti islands

Project title Sustainable tourist development- From Herzegovina trails to Dubrovnik Elafiti islands
CRO beneficiary Dubrovnik Tourist Board
Grant value 247.964,00 €
IPA contribution 204.619,89 € (82,52%)
Partners in CRO City of Dubrovnik Development Agency DURA, Association of Croatian Travel Agencies, Kallipolis
BiH beneficiary  
Entrepreneurship and business Association LINK, Mostar
Grant value 257.966,37 €
IPA contribution 218.497,52 € (84,70%)
Partners in BIH Municipality of Ravno, Oxfam Italia, Udruženje avanturističkog turizma u BiH (ATA u BiH)

Project objectives/short summary


This project seeks to expand the current coastal tourist offer in the cross border area of inland and island territories surrounding Dubrovnik and Mostar as well as to increase the exchanges and cooperation between Croatian and Bosnian & Herzegovinian tourist operators enhancing the cross border connections. Specifically, the project will develop and promote the Blue section of the Via Dinarica trail, enhancing innovative community-based services and the valorisation of the natural resources in Popovo polje and Elafiti islands.

Expected results: R1: Capacity and skills of tourist operators in the cross border region increased in identifying, developing and managing tourist potential of inland territories and islands. R2: Jointly developed and promoted innovative tourism cross border offers in Popovo polje and Elafiti islands.

Measure Measure 1.1: Development of joint tourist offers

Project start date

Project duration 24 months
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