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Protection of nature and environment from forest fires - ForestEye

Project title Protection of nature and environment from forest fires - ForestEye
CRO beneficiary Croatian Forests/Forest Directorate Split
Grant value 317.146,24 €
IPA contribution 258.220,47 € (81,42%)
Partners in CRO Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO)
BiH beneficiary  
Hercegbosnian Forests
Grant value 334.378,16 €
IPA contribution 280.267,53 € (83,82%)
Partners in BIH Ministry of Science, Education, Culture and Sport of Canton 10

Project objectives/short summary


The ForestEye project seeks to contribute to the protection of nature and environment in Croatia, Splitsko-Dalmatinska County, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Herzegovina and North-West region /Canton 10, where there is a high risk of forest fires as a major threat to nature and environment, especially to forest ecosystems. In particular, the project strives to ensure preservation of forests with high natural and cultural value through joint action in forest fire detection and firefighting – the partners will initiate and support establishment of joint Cross-border Firefighting Intervention Team (CBC FFI Team) and creation of the Action Plan. Through small scale infrastructure activity, the project will enable faster access to forest fire areas for intervention teams and vehicles, and thus ensure more efficient interventions and rescue actions- access for firefighting intervention actions will be improved in Nature Park (NP) Biokovo (SD County) and in unspoilt forests of Kupres and Tomislavgrad (Canton 10). Finally, not to forget the prevention, the project will educate, raise awareness and promote behaviour that leads to prevention of natural risks, specifically fires caused by human factor – edu-info centres and educational-recreational trails will be established and awareness raising events will be organised. The additional goal is to strengthen capacities of applicants and co-applicants for further active application on calls for EU funded projects and cross-border cooperation.

Expected results: R1: Cross-border Firefighting Intervention Team established and Action Plan created; R2: Improved access for forest firefighting intervention actions: 17,5 km fireroads (8 HR & 9,5 BiH); 4 watch towers (2 HR & 2 BiH); 5 water wells (3 HR & 2 BiH); R3: Established 2 edu-info centres (1 HR & 1 BiH) and 4 educational-recreational trails (1 HR & 3 BiH); R4: 1020 students (20 HR & 1000 BiH) educated at 10 educational events (1 HR & 9 BiH), 218 students (118 HR & 100 BiH) and 33 teachers (25 HR & 8 BiH) educated through fieldwork at edu-info centres and edu-rec trails, 4 eco-sections established/9 equipped, 18 teachers (10 HR & 8 BiH) trained in TtT programme; R5: 1 website, 320 persons participated at 4 dissemination events (2 HR & 2 BiH) R6: 4 partners' capacities for cross-border projects implementation improved.

Measure Measure 2.1: Protection of nature and environment 

Project start date

Project duration 24 months
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