Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Connecting separated

Project title  Connecting separated
CRO beneficiary  City of Solin
Grant value 239.698,33 €
IPA contribution 199.740,62 € (83,33%)
Partners in CRO Public Institution RERA SD for Coordination and Development of Split Dalmatia County
BiH beneficiary  
Municipality of Ljubuški
Grant value 216.039,20 €
IPA contribution 177.783,20 € (82,29%)
Partners in BIH Development Agency of the West Hercegovina County (HERAG)

Project objectives/short summary


The project plans to develop a recognisable joint tourist offer -historical route - based on common environmental and cultural heritage in the Croatian-BiH cross-border space, in order to improve the competitiveness of the local tourism economy. Specific objectives: 1. To brand and promote joint cross-border tourism product – the Roman road route Salona/Bigeste/Narona - and to develop tourism infrastructure on the route and on the historical sites of the Roman military camp Bigeste and Salona harbour; 2. To build capacities of tourist boards and cultural /traditional/ environmental based NGOs in order to successfully create and promote new cultural/tourism products and events
Expected results: 1. Increased attractiveness of the Croatian-BiH cross border region as a tourism destination through branding 170 km of the Roman road route Salona/Bigeste/Narona and revitalization of 2 archaeological sites by installation of the small scale infrastructure and equipment; 2. Raised knowledge/skills of employees of tourist boards and NGOs in order to create and promote tourist offers, and provide quality service to tourist; 3. Raised awareness among citizens and tourists of the offers, services and attractions of the sites and the added value of the project to tourism development in the CB area; 4. Raised knowledge and awareness among the public servants and citizens of revitalization by small-scale infrastructure and urban interventions as a project's results.
Measure Measure 1.1: Development of joint tourist offers

Project start date

  24 months
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