Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The Una River - Unique Resource for Sustainable Development

Project title The Una River – Unique Resource for Sustainable Development
CRO beneficiary Town of Hrvatska Kostajnica
Grant value € 117.853,97
IPA contribution 99.999,09 (84,85%)
Partners Hrvatska Dubica Municipality, Tourist Organisation of Hrvatska Kostajnica
BiH beneficiary Kozarska Dubica Municipality
Grant value € 118.170,00
IPA contribution € 100.160,89 (84,76 %)
Partners Kostajnica Municipality, Tourist Organization of Kozarska Dubica,Tourist Organization of Kostajnica

Project objectives/short summary


The project purpose is to improve competitiveness of local tourism potential by creating a joint BiH-CRO tourism offer along the lower course of the river Una through joint valorisation of the natural heritage and promotion of sustainable development concept. The main activities include small scale infrastructure works (adaptation of fishing houses, hiking routes, highlighting tourist attractions), promotional activities on sustainable tourism and rural economies as generators of rural tourism in this border area, educational activities of tourist guides and small action of cleaning and landscaping.
Measure Measure 1.1: Development of joint tourist offer
Project start 09/03/2011
Project duration 12 months
Project web-page