Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Public Energy Management


Project title Public Energy Management
CRO beneficiary Karlovac County
Grant value € 84.528,02
IPA contribution € 66.084,01 (78,18%)
Partners North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency
BiH beneficiary City of Banja Luka
Grant value € 77.856,41
IPA contribution € 64.060,25 (82,28%)
Partners Center for Environment Banja Luka

Project objectives/short summary


Project aims to raise the awareness of use and benefits of energy management on energy efficiency (EE) principle in the target area. Some of the activities are focused on education on energy efficiency and on the promotion of forms of energy saving in systems of public administration (institutions, hospitals, schools ...).
Measure Measure 2.1 Protection of nature and environment
Project start 01/01/2011
Project duration 18 months