Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

SMEs without borders

Project title SMEs without borders
CRO beneficiary Municipality of Majur
Grant value 203.245,47 €
IPA contribution 171.965,99 € (84,61%)
Partners in CRO

Development Agency of Sisak - SI-MO-RA, Local Action Group UNA

BiH beneficiary Association of entrepreneurs and employers Zepce
Grant value 230.915,95 €
IPA contribution 195.123,98 € (84,50%)
Partners in BIH Development Agency Zepce

Project objectives/short summary


This project strongly emphasises cross-border best practices exchange and networking. Transfer of knowledge and experiences of "AgroMAP NETWORK" operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina to partners in Croatia will support a creation of the network of Medicinal and Aromatic Pants (MAP) actors in Croatia. The establishment of the MAP actors' network in Croatia will enable regional cooperation of networks and create preconditions for clustering. Conversely, transfer of knowledge and experiences from Croatia to partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of legislation applicable in the MAP sector will initiate relevant Bosnia and Herzegovina institutions to adopt similar legislation that will improve SMEs business operations in MAP sector in EU.
Project educational activities target collectors, producers and processors of MAP products. They are expected not only to increase SMEs capacities for improved MAP products value chain, but also to strengthen further cooperation among SMEs. Educational material that will be produced, such as MAP Atlas and a Guide for export to the EU countries, will contribute to better preparedness of MAP SMEs to meet challenges while trying to place their MAP products in the EU market. In order to achieve regional recognition, increase competitiveness and access of MAP network products in the market, the project puts specific emphasis on joint marketing activities and creation of new products in line with demand on EU and local market. Those activities include: creation of Marketing Plan, visits to trade fairs, organization of conferences and round tables, joint advertising campaign and web portal upgrade.
Measure Measure 1.2: Promotion of entrepreneurship
Project start date 11/12/2012          
Project duration 24 months
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