Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our Lady of Sinj Route

Project title Our Lady of Sinj Route
CRO beneficiary City of Sinj
Grant value 302.964,15 €
IPA contribution 254.701,96 € (84,7O%)
Partners in CRO City of Solin; Croatian Mountain Rescue Service - Station Split
BiH beneficiary Municipality Prozor-Rama
Grant value 255.066,90 €
IPA contribution 209.528,94 € (82,15%)
Partners in BIH Municipality of Tomislavgrad; Municipality of Livno

Project objectives/short summary


The project aims to increase competitiveness of the local economy through the enhancement of joint tourist offers based on common cultural identity of the cross-border region.
Shared cultural identity of this region is based on historical pilgrimage route. In 1689, Franciscan monks fled from the region of Prozor-Rama in BiH due to the Ottoman invasion. In their efforts to preserve items of religious and cultural significance, they took the painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy to Sinj, Croatia. The Ottoman armies laid siege to the City of Sinj in 1715. Despite overwhelming odds, the local army of Sinj defeated the Ottomans and the victory was attributed to the special powers of the picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Each year pilgrims from Croatia, BiH and other countries make their way to Sinj along the "Our Lady of Sinj Route" in order pay homage to the Blessed Virgin.
The project builds on these cultural links and connects cross-border communities through development of joint tourist offer. Apart from increasing attractiveness of the pilgrimage walking and cycling route through the setting up of a small scale infrastructure along 150 kilometres, the project will also enhance knowledge and skills of tourism service providers. Development of Joint Tourism Promotion Strategy will serve as excellent tool for strategic co-ordination of efforts of tourism stakeholders in the project area.
Measure Measure 1.1: Development of joint tourist offer
Project start date 09/04/2013       
Project duration 24 months
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