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Mobil library for LLL in rural communities

Project title Mobile library service for lifelong learning in rural communities of Karlovac County and Una Sana Canton - MOBILLL
CRO beneficiary City Library Ivan Goran Kovačić, Karlovac
Grant value 56.383,00 €
IPA contribution 46.313,00 € (82,14%)
Partners in CRO N/A
BiH beneficiary Cantonal and University library Bihać
Grant value 55.121,05 €
IPA contribution 46.031,05 € (83,51%)
Partners in BIH N/A 

Project objectives/short summary


The aim of the ˝MOBILLL˝ project was strengthening of social cohesion and increasing competitiveness in the labour market through the establishment of a mobile library operating in rural communities of Karlovac County and Una-Sana Canton.
The project contributed to enhancement of lifelong learning opportunities in targeted rural areas through provision of specially designed mobile library vehicles and establishment of a network of access points to the mobile library services. The mobile library includes the same features as regular physical libraries. It functions and provides services to its users like any other stationed library (e.g. borrowing books, picture books, DVDs and CDs and access to IT equipment).
Moreover, through organized educational activities created to support lifelong learning, adults over 35 years learned how to use computer and the Internet and what benefits computer literacy can bring to their lives and working opportunities. Cultural exchange through literature reading groups, music performances, lectures and workshops enabled inhabitants of all ages from cross-border rural communities to connect and exchange opinions and information. To stimulate entrepreneurial spirit of middle-aged population, the project organized educations about local and regional agricultural potential, woman in entrepreneurship, traditional crafts and possibilities in the EU. The project also helped to stimulate entrepreneurial spirit of middle-aged population of the area through organization of educational sessions on local and regional agricultural potentials, woman in entrepreneurship and traditional crafts.
Measure Measure 2.2: Improved accessibility to community based services 
Project start date 19/03/2013         
Project duration 12 months 
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