Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

It started with the sport...

Project title It started with the sport...
CRO beneficiary Municipality Gornji Bogićevci
Grant value 72.860,29 € 
IPA contribution 49.996,73 € (68,62%)
Partners in CRO Association for sport recreation “Sport for everyone” Gornji Bogićevci (Partner 1); Elementary school Okučani (Partner 2)
BiH beneficiary Municipality of Dobretići
Grant value 73.877,00 €
IPA contribution 50.000,00 € (67,68%)
Partners in BIH Youth Center “Jajce” Jajce; Elementary school “Braće Jezerčić” Divičani

Project objectives/short summary


The project targets cross-border area characterized with weak social bonds and aims to improve social networks and relations between target local governments and civil society organizations representing interests of elderly citizens, women and youth.
In order to strengthen and promote cross-border partnerships, stakeholders were informed about benefits and opportunities that cross-border co-operation offers to local communities. In this regard, workshops on project cycle management and preparation of 4 jointly developed cross-border projects strengthened both, capacities and stakeholders' partnerships.
Based on the premise that sport provides an excellent platform for making contacts and connecting different people and cultures, various sport and cultural events were organized aiming to revitalize and strengthen harmonious neighbouring relations. As precondition for organisation of these events as well to provide appropriate preconditions for active sport life of inhabitants of both municipalities, adaptation and equipping of school facility in Dobretići as well as of the sport field in Dobretići was organised. Investments in facilities resulted in a set of fully functional facilities for cultural and sport events. Organization of chess and card tournaments and sport meetings such as "Village games" and "Kids Olympic games" were some of main activities of this project. This event gathered a great number of visitors and gained great promotion in local medias.
Innovative community based services and cross-border partnerships established through this project provided foundation for other initiatives aimed at enhancement of cross-border co-operation heightening social cohesion.
Measure Measure 2.2: Improved accessibility to community based services 
Project start date 11/12/2012         
Project duration 12 months
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