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IRRI - The Irrigation Project

Project title IRRI - The Irrigation Project
CRO beneficiary Municipality of Lovas
Grant value 127.191,97 €
IPA contribution 108.113,17 € (85%)
Partners in CRO Municipality of Tompojevci, Association of Users of the Opatovac Irrigation System, Association of Users of the Tompojevci Irrigation System, Vukovar- Srijem County
BiH beneficiary Municipality of Odžak
Grant value 113.343,50 €
IPA contribution 96.341,00 € (85%)
Partners in BIH Municipality of Šamac, Association Independent Office for Development 

Project objectives/short summary


Main objective of the project was to increase crop productions and raise farmers' incomes in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. More specifically, the Project intended to develop and equip irrigation demonstration plots and to introduce overall learning system on how to manage irrigation in continuum starting from studying of crop response to water, through efficient use of water and its effects on the improvement of crop productivity. In order to promote and expand the use of irrigation in the agricultural crops cultivation, a study report on current practices and legal framework on irrigation management issues in targeted cross-border area was developed. Aiming to demonstrate benefits of the use of the irrigation systems, seventeen demonstration plots with irrigation systems were selected and equipped. Data collected from demonstration fields related to crop productivity and water use efficiency were compared with the data from non-irrigated fields. The results confirmed that the use of appropriate irrigation methods is resource and cost beneficial and should be widely applied in agricultural crop production.
Through organization of capacity building activities, farmers and technicians learned how to manage on-farm irrigation systems through design, operation and maintenance of the irrigation equipment. Moreover, a cross-border irrigation network established within the project will continue to promote development in this field.
Measure Measure 1.2: Promotion of entrepreneurship
Project start date 11/12/2012
Project duration 18 months 
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