Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina


Project title INFO-HEP CENTRE - with cross-border cooperation to easily accessible health and social services
CRO beneficiary Association HEPATOS Split
Grant value 58.820,15 €
IPA contribution 49.997,13 € (85%)
Partners in CRO N/A
BiH beneficiary Association VIKTORIJA Banja Luka
Grant value 55.134,37 €
IPA contribution 46.846,88 € (84,97%)
Partners in BIH Association B18

Project objectives/short summary


The project established two Info-hep Centres, one in Split and one in Banja Luka. Info-hep Centre is a place where interested citizens, hepatitis patients and their families can get information, psychosocial support and health counselling on the spot, through a cost-free telephone line or the Internet. Through creating a safe and positive environment to encourage help seeking, Info-hep Centres also provide assistance and support for stigmatized people to prevent declines in quality of life.
By using various media such as radio, TV, city lights, billboards and newspapers, the project conducted an extensive information campaign, raised general public awareness about hepatitis, motivated, and encouraged groups who are at risk for hepatitis testing and counselling. Mobile Info-hep Centres were organized in communes and prisons in both countries targeting groups that are at high risk, such as drug users and prisoners. The project provided psychosocial support and specific advice to 1079 and tested 303 persons in Info-hep Centres in Banja Luka and Split, advised or tested 1194 persons through mobile Info-hep Centres and 491 addicts and prisoners in communes and prisons.
Through educational hepatitis programme specifically created for general practitioners, knowledge of 135 general practitioners was upgraded and their role in the disease prevention, detection and treatment was improved. The project also conducted analysis of hepatitis related policies in both countries providing input for development of respective national hepatitis strategies.
Measure Measure 2.2: Improved accessibility to community based services 
Project start date 01/04/2013          
Project duration 15 months
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