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Discover Posavina

Project title Discover Posavina-Development of joint tourism offer of the Posavina Region
CRO beneficiary Inland Navigation Development Centre Ltd. Zagreb
Grant value 116.965,65
IPA contribution 99.420,80
Partners in CRO N/A
BiH beneficiary Centre for Environmentally Sustainable Development
Grant value 94.258,98
IPA contribution 80.120,00
Partners in BIH N/A 

Project objectives/short summary


The project was dedicated to the development and promotion of recognisable regional identity and joint tourist offer of the Posavina region. Successful development of tourism in the cross-border region of Posavina cannot be achieved without co-ordination and networking between tourist organisations existing on the two sides of the border. The Tourist Association of the Posavina Region established under this project represents an important mechanism through which the stakeholders will continue to co-operate in future and will ensure sustainability of project results.
Capacity building of tourism stakeholders was enhanced through organization of thematic workshops dedicated to different types of tourism (nautical, rural, religious and cultural tourism). Joint tourist offer produced within the project included five different tourist packages offered to tourists through various tour operators. Realisation of the Communication and promotion plan promoting the joint tourist offer and the identity of the Posavina Region, defined future steps to be taken in the next three years.
Promotional campaign with web banners on the two most visited web-portals, promotional videos on national televisions, as well as development of the Tourist Guide of the Posavina Region contributed to strengthening of the regional tourism identity of this area.
Measure Measure 1.1: Development of joint tourist offer
Project start date 11/12/2012
Project duration 18 months
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