Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bridging Diversity

Project title Bridging Diversity
CRO beneficiary Ecumenical Women's Initiative
Grant value 45.663,53 €
IPA contribution 36.530,82 € (80,00%)
Partners in CRO N/A
BiH beneficiary Li-Women 
Grant value 37.977,67 €
IPA contribution 32.281,02 € (85%)
Partners in BIH N/A

Project objectives/short summary


The ˝Bridging Diversity˝ project contributed to the improvement of quality of life and social cohesion through strengthening of coexistence and promoting common values in the target cross-border area. Joint visual arts exhibition under the theme "Common Values – Women and Diversity" displayed original art-works of 30 women from partner countries for a period of three months and provided opportunity for wider public to gain insight into the story that lies behind each work of art and its connection with the exhibition theme. The project also facilitated a dialogue between citizens of different social backgrounds through organization of ten inter-active workshops. The music concerts organized in Omiš and Livno were another communication channel which contributed to cross-border inter-cultural exchange. Moreover, a 3-day regional cross-border conference and NGO fair were held in Omiš and created a valuable opportunity for grassroots women activists and NGOs coming from different communities to communicate, understand cultural diversity, overcome prejudices and raise awareness about the strength of collaborative action. Working together under this project women have seen their potential to bring about change though public involvement in their communities and recognize their active roles as ambassadors building an inclusive society based on respect of diversity.

Measure 2.2.Improved accessibility to community based services
Project start date 18/05/2013
Project duration 12 months
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