Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Programme Info

Cross-border programme (CBC) between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be implemented over the period 2007-2013. This strategic document is based on a joint planning effort of the Croatian and BiH parties. The programme is supported by component IIb (cross-border cooperation) of the EU ‘Instrument for Pre-Accession’ (IPA), under which 6 M€ have been allocated for its first 3 years. An additional minimum 1,058,823 € will be provided by the partner countries, mostly from the programme’s beneficiaries in the border region.

The border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina extends almost over 1,000 km. Despite the heterogeneity of the area, bordering regions are facing similar challenges: an economic downturn linked to the collapse of traditional industries/markets in the wake of Yugoslavia’s disintegration, large-scale migrations during and after the war accompanied by continuous depopulation since then and heavy damages to public infrastructure only partly remedied by insufficient investment. Traditional economic and cultural links between the two countries in the border areas have also been severely affected by the conflict and its aftermath. This programme will therefore seek to revive these former cross-border links and activities while addressing some of the common socio-economic and environmental issues.
The programming area is made up of ‘eligible’ and ‘adjacent’ regions as defined by Articles 88 and 97 of the IPA Implementing Regulation.

The programme objectives are:

  • To encourage the creation of cross-border networks and partnerships and the development of joint cross-border actions with a view to revitalizing the economy, protecting the nature and the environment and increasing social cohesion of the programming area.
  • To build the capacity of local, regional and national institutions to manage EU programmes and to prepare them to manage future cross-border programmes under objective 3 of the EU Structural Funds.

These objectives will be achieved through the implementation of actions under the following set of programme priorities (Priority 1: Creation of a Common Economic Space, Priority 2: Improved Quality of Life and Social Cohesion).

Specific objectives

  • To enhance the quality and coherence of actions under the Programme;
  • To improve the capacity of national and joint structures to manage cross-border programmes.
  • To provide and disseminate programme information to national authorities, the General public and programme beneficiaries and to ensure that the assistance is published in a manner that raises awareness and aids the development of the Programme
  • To improve the capacity of potential beneficiaries, particularly within the programming area, to prepare and subsequently implement high quality programme operations
  • To provide technical expertise for external programme evaluations