Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Age structure

There is a continuous trend of slow population decrease with more deaths than births throughout the Croatian side of the programming area in the last 10 years. Exceptions are Splitsko-dalmatinska, Zadarska and Dubrovačko-neretvanska Counties due to the increased number of young families living in towns on the coastline. The age structure on the Croatian side of the programming area is not far away from the national average. Ličko-senjska, Karlovačka and Šibensko-kninska Counties have characteristically populations older than the national average.
Younger population is concentrated in regional urban centers, while older population mostly resides in rural micro regions at the border.
The age structure is relatively young on the BiH side of the programming area. High percentage of working-age population is certainly one of the very important resources for the future development of projects in the region.