Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

10th June 2016. 

On 30th of May grand opening of the Agrobusiness Centre was organized by the city of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Development Agency in DURA as part of the project „AgriBusiness – Agriculture Heritage Capitalization in Dubrovnik – Herzegovina Cross-Border".

The project was presented by deputy mayor Željko Raguž, AgriBusiness Manager Mia Hrnić from DURA's, and the director of DURA-e Andrea Novakovic.

The project is financed from the IPA CBC HR-BiH and is carried out in rural areas of the city of Dubrovnik, municipalities Ravno, Trebinje, Ljubinje, Čapljina. The amount of EU funding is 85%. The project aims to strengthen cross-border rural development and competitiveness of typical regional agricultural production.

The establishment of the Agribusiness Centre in Dubrovnik and the other, located in the Municipality of Ravno will enable agricultural producers and consumers in both countries permanent contact. The project results will be achieved if the Agribusiness network includes different service providers and their activities lead to increasing levels of agricultural production and to achieve a better economic status of farmers in the cross-border Dubrovnik-Herzegovina region.

The aim of the project "Agribusiness" is to strengthen the "internal" regional agricultural capacity, promote innovative approaches characteristic agricultural sector and to support small and medium-sized farms and businesses to be more competitive and better prepared to respond to market demands in order to achieve higher revenues.

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June 6th 2016.

During the event organized to mark the completion of reconstruction of public lighting in Queen Jelena Madijevka and Vladimir Nazor parks in Zadar, a campaign named "Green Light for Green Park" was held on Monday, 30th May 2016 in Vladimir Nazor Park. The campaign was performed within the project ˝CB-GREEN: Cross-border - Green & Renewable Energy Efficiency Network˝, co-financed through the EU IPA Cross-border Programme Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007–2013. The project is implemented on the territory of the Republic of Croatia (in the city of Zadar, Zadar County) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (in the city of Mostar and Neum municipality, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton) through coop¬eration of 6 partner organisations from public and civil sectors.
To spread the environmental awareness during the event, energy efficiency team of the City of Zadar advised citizens on renewable energy use and energy efficiency, various ways to save energy in households and the co-financing opportunities for improving energy efficiency in households. Students of the Running School Zadar disseminated an environmental message about the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The same message was sent through art as the public had the opportunity to enjoy lighting installations "String Art - Light Decoration" that were set in one part of the park.
In order to generate energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions, through reconstruction of public lighting, the existing lighting system was removed and a new LED lighting sys¬tem have been installed in mentioned two parks in Zadar. In the upcoming project phase, a promenade in Neum will be illuminated with new energy efficient LED lighting that will replace the existing one, while a solar energy system will be installed on the Klek peninsula.
Through joint actions and awareness rising cam¬paigns on energy efficiency and renewable ener¬gy system utilization in public sector, the project aims to protect and preserve the environment and encourage the sustaina¬ble use of natural resources in border regions of Zadar County and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.

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May 5th 2016

logoGrant Contract Award List related to projects contracted in the period from November 2014 to April 2016 under Cross Border Programme Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007-2013 has been published on the EuropeAid web-site. Grant Contract Award List includes projects contracted under Third call for proposals (EuropeAid/134-964/L/ACT/IPA) published on 6th August 2013. To download list please click here.